Never going Back

by The A-Beez

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Herbin' 06:58
Folks who got it, they say "don't worry about it, it aint worth your time" Suddenly They're falling to their knees When they see that green dry up like leaves Some will say that it rules everything Making it their almighty king If you're willing to work hard and sacrifice you can buy the world but you might pay with your life (Chorus) Money don't mean a thing if your life is full of stress No mater what it will bring, it won;t bring hapiness Cars and things and diamond rings aren't worth as much as knowing that none of it can come with us to the place we all are going It's a crying shame since the days of the pharaohs the game has been the same Any pimp will tell you his philosophy it's simple just sell what you got for free in god we trust with one hand over his heart and the other tearing yours apart. Don't let her get to thinking she's worth a dime As long as its snowing, she'll stay in line Supply the rock and keep her out on the block keep smiling and lining your pockets with her freedom
I got to wonder why only you know where we're going when we die Only you know where the good lord is sending me the worry is, what i see keeps on bending me You keep on telling me I got to love my neighbor and love my enemy If that's the case, how can it be you'd never be caught dead breaking bread with another race. (Chorus) But If I get to church on time Reciting every chapter verse and rhyme will I be the first in line at the pearly gates? If I get to church on time When I wasn't that old You told me about a place where the streets were paved with gold The recipe to get there, passed on from long ago Show up for sunday service, say a sentence and save your soul Sunday morning, when they pass the plate, you say I got to give to receive, don't hesitate Early sunday morning, when they pass that plate Try to run me for my money, got yours locked in a safe
Feel like I'm loosing my mind I think of you all the time my knees are feeling so weak I look for you at night. you can hear my heels clicking on the concrete But you just can't be found How come you ain't around? The wind starts blowing in my ear My head starts spinning, I can hear you singing and oh dear (chorus) I think I know why I been feeling so high as I'm closing the curtain You see just like you, Im hurtin' My balance comes and it goes You are something special, every body knows I'm holding tight to my phone at home I can hear the tick tock of the clock and the click clack of the metronome This rhythm drives me insane What is it and why is it that we play this game But this hurtin feeling makes it so revealing that love won't let us down. Don't you know?
Something snaps inside me By design that isn't mine, not entirely Crystalized like bacon fat inside my arteries Now, so much a part of me Oh god bless your soul, you've got so much self control and so much patience. congratulations. You've got this tiger by the toe, around his neck a pretty bow for strangulation, assures capitulation Chorus: Glory hallelujah I wouldn't do that to you But now I do A paraplegic pantomime whose audience is deaf and blind trying to get through to you It bubbles and bubbles and the trouble just doubles Pressure's rising to the top now that pressure's gonna drop There has got to be a better way The gates go up, the dogs released Just a burdened beast Run rabbit run puts that carrot 'fore the horse when that don't work you use brute force The mind blindfolded, the line goes dead Arms are shouldered in heart and head Nothing to do nothing to say, shut your mouth and put your hands away Now it seems the storm has passed Beneath the broken branches and the shattered glass There's still green grass We can't change the weather but we can be prepared if we just work together
I had my eyes wide open but still I didn't see I searched the world to find what, all the time, was right in front of me Casing down a dream, it seems the dream was dreaming me some where between what is, what was, and what would never be This train aint gonna stop, you just have to tuck and roll It's time to find the hole shaped hear to fit your heart shaped hole Chorus: It's right in front of you there's nothing you can say or do to take a lie and make it true. Out with the old in with the new. I know you already know, it's time for you to just let go. You're going no where 'till you realize you're already there Running round in circles, a dog chasing his tail The harder you pursue it, the more you seem to fail Push that bird in hand back into the bush Aren't you tired of the fight? Just come out of the darkness into the light Let your life be easy Stop fighting gravity There's no way to stop your fall A life that's spent in fear of death, Well, that's no life at all There are tears we all must cry and blood we alll must bleed Some pain can pass you by, why take more than you need?
Ohio 06:31
There is a voice inside of me that talks to me in my dreams It tells me that you're translucent veil of fairy tales isn't what it seems. You always got one more thing to do, and never tell me why Pushing me far away from you, empty and love denied So many reasons to be extra late, When you come home you say you're too tired and my love will have to wait Chorus: You keep telling me lies when you look in my eyes and You turn this into something I despise I hear words repeat and they won't change. Never should have let you stay. And I can't believe a single word you say How many times do you have to hear? Your sneaky ways and lies are crystal clear Runnin' and dodging and bending what is true You're hurting me and you're killing yourself too There's always something maybe even an exception Don't try to challenge all the rules of my conception You think you're so smart but at the end of the day your broken promises are breaking my heart Chorus Look what you've made, this love's a weight you turned this paradise into something I despise I hear the same refrain this love's a stain and I can't believe a single word you say
You've been hard to forget Can't Shake your love, not yet This thing we started such a long time ago My heart won't heal 'cause baby, you're all I know come on let me love you baby and hear me when I say to you I want you to know you got me I want you to see what we will be I want you to feel the rhythm of my love will set us free (in me) I've been walking around and feeling so uptight My mind is aching but now I see the light I remember you loved me, I remember the night you told me "Baby, our love is worth the fight" Sunshine comes from the divine makes me feel so fine I found you in time and I want you to know
They hear what you're saying, they just don't care The Games you were playing got you nowhere You lied and you lies and you tried to believe it you know it's no use any more will they teach you to fly where you go when you die when they see what you've used your wings for Chorus: I will be there with you when you fall. I will help you to stand tall when they take you down Nothing can break you down now She don't care where you're going, she knows where you've been The cards you were showing never could win So put on your make up and button up your coat and put on your best sunday shoes We'll go for a ride in a shiny black car and make sure they all get the news Are you finally free? Is it everything you thought it would be? Take a look at the seed you've sown Now taste the fruit it's grown Yeah!


released April 11, 2015


all rights reserved



The A-Beez Boston, Massachusetts

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